Helen (or Md. Ginnigan)).

Fortuitous indeed,

Lily actually suggested an America reMADE the other day. It couldn’t be the same nor could an American Voices for… community.

Our electorate (as you would call it) leans as far left as Indi was a safe seat for the Liberal/National bloc in Australia. Our member is pretty good but he doesn’t have to pay much attention to what his constituents have to say because he isn’t going to lose. I also work with a community mediator in Nebraska who lives in a rural district that the Republicans hold with ease.

Something like Voices + lRemade just might do the trick.

Denis and I are due to talk in the next days.

I’m definitely not worth the cost of a ticket more than half way around the world.

More soon.

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Hi Chip

Helen here. Great post. Thank you.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing - that by chance you, Lily & Gretchen ended up in the same online breakout room 🫶

Now we are connected 🤝

I was talking with Denis (one of the original Voices for Indi mob & my husband) & he’s wanting to jump on a plane and meet up with you.

What are the chances?

I’m not sure if his passport is up to date / but we can sort that

Thank you for your vision in connecting the dots


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